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There's a lot of talk in the corporate world these days about social good. How it's important for big companies to dedicate some of their profits to programs that help clean the environment, save the lakes or protect wildlife. We think it’s about time. Everything in the world around us is connected and it doesn’t do for companies simply to focus on their own narrow aims. Corporate greed can be just that: transparent and selfish.

Giving back ought be part of every company's mandate.

It’s certainly part of ours. Yes, we’re a construction job board that connects eager workers with companies that need qualified employees. And we’re proud to say that we do good work. But we’re more than just a matching service. We’re also a helping service. Since day one, we’ve been about giving back to people and community groups that do good at the most fundamental levels of society: homeless shelters, hospital foundations, school-lunch programs. The list goes on. We take a percentage of the gross revenue we generate from every job post advertisement on this site and we spend it on community-based programming in your region.

Construction cares

This isn’t just some gimmick to draw attention to our site or to give us a bit of cachet. It’s something we believe in profoundly. Our founders have dozens of years’ worth of experience working in the construction industry and in social services. We’ve seen firsthand how many thousands of people in communities across Canada need just a leg up to help them get a good job, put food on their tables, or work through addiction. Just as importantly, we’ve also seen the good the men and women of the construction industry do every day. These people are more than just constructors, they’re community builders. They never tire about donating time, money and materials to worthy social causes, because they see the benefits that these programs create.

Construction cares—like no other industry we’ve seen before.

Let's get started!

We’re not naive: the task before us is huge. Social change doesn't happen overnight. It requires a great deal of work. But we’re able, we’re willing and ready and we’ve already started. So join us. Look around the site. See what Whistle is all about. And when you’re ready, post an ad. Post two. Or three or many, many more. And do so knowing that with each ad you post, you help a homeless person find a bed for the night, a child eat a good breakfast before school, or a student train in the skilled trades so that one day he might run a business just like yours. Imagine the possibilities.

We are Whistle. And we’re here to change the world.

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